Datatable iteration

how to iterate through ne column of the datatable to fetch the values of the column without using for loop ?


how to fetch the values of the datatable without using for loop ?


You can fetch it as below,

strName = dt.rows(1).item(1).ToString // will fetch single row.


You can also use While activity when you dont want to use For Each Row activity.

Does this help?

I mean without for each row activity
like with datatablename , column name or number and row name and number

something like this strName = dt.rows(1).item(1).ToString
but what is item here ? is it under loop like for each for for each row ? I need without loop


it’s column index like column 1(A) or 2(B) or 3(C).

You can access table items, eg in an assign activity using

dtDataTableName.Rows(x).Items(y).ToString where x and y are zero based row and column indices. eg Row 1 of table is index 0 and column 5 is index 4.

or use dtDataTableName.Rows(x).Items(“ColumnName”).ToString where x is a zero based row index.

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It says Items is not a member of System.Data.Datarow in both ways