Datatable Add Column Values based on row values

Can someone help me with the solution for this scenario.

the rule on how 3.6 is derived is not clear. May we ask you to resharp the requirements and their definitions

Sorry, it’s 2.6
Just addition of columns that are different.

still the same, the rules are not closed is any 0 blocking the group sums …?

Please start with complete case description. Thanks

looks like a group by on column c1
then the group members will be sum up the col values when the col values are different

checking if the group member col val is different:
grp.Select(Function (x) x(ColNameOrIndex).toString.Trim).Distinct().Count = 1

I’m unable to put them together.

Can you provide the expression for this example.

we can set it up within a hybrid approach balancing LINQ and essential actvities:

  • Grouping the data
  • Processing the groups
  • loping dedicated cols from the group member
  • checking if we do have same values or we will sum up


Find starter help here:
GroupyBy_1Col_SumColsWhenDifferent.xaml (14.1 KB)

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