Data table sum into a cell

Hi all,

From my automation, I have many data tables that consists of data for each column.
Can I ask whether is it possible to tabulate the total amount in a single cell?

Thanks in advance!

@jasperlzx,Refer this

Hi, I can’t seem to get this to work and its a little confusing. Any other possible way?


Hi @jasperlzx,
This will fix your problem.


Use for each row activity bro ! Then you can do many things to count the amount:

  • If you want count the number of cells, save in a variable with an assing activity the count of each row.

  • If you want to plus all the values of the whole column, save the value of each row in a variable with an assign activity → var = convert.toInt32(row(“Name of the column”)) (I suposse the value of the row its a integer) ; Plus the values in the same var each row and you will get the sum of all rows in the column.