Data Table output a string

Hello everybody,
I have a data table with three rows in it.
I bring it to the right in the picture.
I need to display this value one by one in the window of another program.
That is, first enter “3811” into the window and perform an action with this value, then display “3812” and so on.
please tell me how to do it?

use for each row in datatable
replace “HeaderName” with the name of your column header

CurrentRow(“HeaderName”).toString will equal
1st iteration: 3188
2nd iteration:3182
3rd iteration: 3803



In log message itself mention like this if you are adding Datarow one by one


This will display the recently added Datarow and that specific column value in log message

Cheers @yulya

it is works, thank you!

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thank you!

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