Data security with OCR

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I want to know about how OCR provided in Studio works wrt security point of view. Suppose if I am using OCR ‘A’ to read my document , then is my data is going to store at ‘A’ 's server or it is encryted at UiPath end. Please solve my query.


Regarding Intelligent OCR GDPR/ security perspective:

  • if is being used Digitize Document with OmniPage OCR, for getting text out of files, nothing leaves the robot machine.
  • if is being used data extraction with the FleciCapture Extractor, again, nothing leaves robot machine.
  • the only things moving document outside the robot are cloud OCR engines and the machine learning extractor.
  • if using any Cloud OCR engine, the engines corresponding terms apply as per below topic “What happens to data”

“What happens to data”
The short version: the analysis is done on UiPath cloud or on client’s on-prem servers. UiPath only stores data from internally used server, that has been actually seen and indicated by a user. No runtime/robot data is stored.
Detailed version:

  • On prem / private cloud
  • open networks – no data leaves the company premises, except the submitted issues, performed by the user in order to fix a client specific problem.
  • closed networks – no data leaves the company premises
  • On UiPath cloud
  • screenshots of the automated interfaces are processed on UiPath cloud servers, hosted in azure.
  • additionally, design-time only (Studio) screenshots* may be stored (for up to 5 years), in order to improve the model. Production (robot) data is never stored.
  • UiPath receives and stores user-reported issues for the purpose of fixing specific problems.

Thank u for replying. Here the link is not available for’ What happens to data’ Can u pls reshare that link. Also whatif we r using any other OCR such as tesseract/MS/Omnipage. Is data going to save at their server?