Data not taking after spaces from queue in orchestrator

Hi everyone,

I have a data in Queue :
1)AB1234 No Pay
** 2)234242343423423 1**

All I need is I need to remove the space in between ( I mean the first space not the second space)

**1)AB1234( space should be removed in this place)No Pay **
2)234242343423423(space should be removed in this place) 1

After getting data i need to enter into local application for validation.

My Bot is taking 234242343423423 and pressing enter(which I coded after entering the number) then again entering 1 then its throwing me an Application Exception.

1 should also be combined along with data and then only press enter

All I need to do is 234242343423423( REMOVE THE SPACE)1
and enter like this 2342423434234231

AB1234No Pay

All the other data in queue is upto space only . Only for these two data facing issues

Can any one help me please


If I understood this correct, then you need to split the string using space and pass like this in the Type Into Activity.

"234242343423423" & " " & "1"

S Sarathi .

2342423434234231 should take data like this and I can enter into my local application to check on. So that It wont throw me error

have a check if regex replace will help when removing spaces between digits