Data from invoice not extracted

i’m not getting my data extracted with the machine learning in the validation station (as it shown in the picture below)

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Make sure you configure fields in ML Extractor exactly as mentioned in below document:

I am talking about the variables mentioned in “”. If you give any random name inside the quotes then it will not extract any data from invoice.

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What could the issue be if I have all of these values entered correctly, but the invoice values are still not puled into the present station?

I see the same results as Houssemj. I have tried several invoices as well with very standard layouts and good native text.

  1. Make sure you copied the correct API key.
  2. Check your “DocumentTypeID” property in data extraction scope. You get this ID from your taxonomy manager

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Thanks for the reply! I have taken the API key from so I am pretty sure that is taken care of.
As far as the DocumentTypeId, I am using the Classify scope activity like the video walkthrough shows so I am not using that property:

Is there something wrong with how I am using this?


EDIT : It turns out that if I get rid of the classifyDocumentScope activity and replace it with hard-coding the documentTypeId like you showed then things work as expected. I guess the classifyDocumentScope either does not work as shown in the video or I am doing something worng?

Thanks for the help with this!

Have you configured the classifier in classification scope?


when saving and closing the present validation station an error emerges:


Can anyone please kindly help me, where to look for solution?

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