Data Entry From Excel to Web With Loop

I need help for my project which i am currently working for, I have data table in excel like attached image , and i want use loop function from Column “D” for each item,MRP,QTY,FREE_QTY,DISS where invoice number are remain same. Please help me with a Loop Condition.

data table

except coin d if all values are common, store them in a variable first

then you can put the sequence in a for loop

and inside the loop, assign the value of Column d in a variable

pass that variable to the type into activity for entering that data

Hope this helps

Thanks for your quick reply
Can You Please Give me a Sample File.

Sure, could you please share the excel file?

Also, would appreciate if you can give a try meanwhile too. :+1:

Thanks Man ! You Made My Day.

Here is the File.
Excel to Web Automation.xlsx (9.5 KB)

This should be clear. The outer loop will group by the same order number and the inside For each Data Row will iterate through them. (10.1 KB)

Again, always appreciate to try, that’s how we learn.

Hope this helps, Happy Automating!

You’re Awesome !!! You Solved my Problems like charm , Really appreciate to your work.

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Hi @Sanat_Pattnaik

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Glad I could help.

Make sure you have a debug whenever you need to have a deeper understanding. Appreciate you gave a try.

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