Data Discrepancy Excel- URGENT

As u can see in excel in 3rd row this value is not coming as per invoice value.

whereas in invoice 3rd row is having the value :

Where could be the issue in code..?

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Your Code is duplicating rows. 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th rows are getting duplicated.


How are your extracting the line item to excel sheet, as we see there are duplicate rows which copies the previous row value


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Yes, how can i identify it & sort it out…?

@Srini84 @vikasrawat911 @kumar.varun2

Please Suggest…!!


Can you share your workflow and project.json and example invoices you are working
because its difficult to say without seeing these


How can i share it…?


You can zip your project folder and samples folder and send in a message to me if data is confidential


Do one thing - you can get Distinct rows using -

dtInvoice = dtInvoice.DefaultView.ToTable(true, “Description”, “UnitPrice”)

If this solves your problem please mark it as solution.

Thanks where should i put it…?

One you have created your Excel, you can read the excel in a DataTable and then use the expression I provided and then output in a new Excel.