Data Crosscheck and Printing Mismatched Data on Excel

I want to crosscheck two same data contained excel sheet. if one of the entry against any Collection_No mismatched then as per this excel screenshot, all of the row of same Collection_No will return as a output, e.g. if entry date is mismatched then row(2,3,4) will be returned as output.

I know how to print one single row of mismatched data but how can I print all of the three with same Collection_No

Thank you.

Hi @Tanzill_Ahsan ,

Could you let us know How are you currently printing the Single mis-matched row ?

If performing Datatable operations, you could try with the Filter Datatable Activity, to filter the Datatable based on the Collection_No which had the mismatch.

Main.xaml (33.3 KB)
this is my workflow

you can have a look @supermanPunch