Cycle through Google Drive folders from within google photos

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to solve a problem relevant to google photos and google drive. I’ve got lots of photos in deep structured folders in Google Drive that I want to make visible in Google Photos. To do this I have to head over to google photos then click on the upload button. Here comes the tricky part, a new pane opens in the same page with all the folders that contain pictures, I have to double click on each folder, select all the photos inside of it and then click on upload. after that, the windowpane disappears as the upload starts and then I have to do this all over again and I have around 1000+ folders. I’ve managed to craft the workflow on UIPath Studio for one folder but I just don’t know how to scale this so that it automatically iterate through all folders, select all photos and then click on upload button. I was thinking i’ll have a list of all folder names and then somehow alter my workflow so that it steps into the list, seaches for the folder name, double click on it and then select-all and upload. can you help me how can I do this please ?