Customizing Dashboards on Orchestrator

Hi guys,

I have being questioned if its possible to customize Orchestrator’s dashboard, like changing the graphics and position of the data and stuff. Is it possible?

For what I have been researching for a more customization we need to integrated with other tools, like elasticsearch and Kibana.

What are your feedbacks about the orchestrator standard dashboard?


No you cannot customize Orchestrator’s Dashboard.

If you are integrating your orchestrator with Elastic search and Kibana, then you can have your own customized dashboards in kibana only where you can arrange, resize, and edit the dashboard content and then save the dashboard.

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It should also be possible to make your own webpage that queries the Orchestrator sql database and displays data however you want. At the cost of more development time, of course.

As a starting point for your own customization, check out the open source UiPath Dashboard for Kibana, which also works with the Community Edition.