Customize execution logs

the execution logs created by default doesnt look so good and hard to understand for some people. so i want to customize it like the output window in the studio



i tried to edit the nlog.config file on the target => ${message} section but í don’t know how to make it only show the messages like the output window.

any ideas ?

and i don’t want to use the export button on the ouput window because i want the process to run automatically

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If the machine is connected to orchestrator we can get the same format of how we are getting in the output panel.
By choosing the Jobs option and click on the right end of the process and click on VIEW LOGS which will give the logs of the process and we can download it as a excel file
In that we could be able to see the logs in a clear manner

Hope this would help you
Cheers @RobertoEwaldo

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You can use regex to control log messages output in NLog.config file.

1.Add variable for get only first message

<variable name="truncated_message" value="${replace:replaceWith=...:regex=true:inner=${message}:searchFor=(\,.*$)}"/>

2.Add new variable to log layout


Please refer to following