Custom Form Button Functions?


Looking for something very specific. I’m using the Custom Form activity where I can design my own ‘UI’ and I’d like to know if it’s possible to launch a powershell activity from a button.

This is very specific to my needs but my form is like a setup UI where my end user can choose and configure values to their liking before running the bot.


Hi @Jeff_Speer
Could u give more information on ur query, did u mean to open the powershell when button is clicked or activate a powershell function?

So when using custom form designer you can add a button right, I’d like that button to onClick, launch another UI path sequence, being a powershell script. I guess it doesn’t have to be PowerShell, just in general to have that button call a UI Path sequence stored in that same project.


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Hi @Jeff_Speer

Sorry for late response around

I couldn’t find any way related to this

Tagging @loginerror , as he would be able to help u :blush:

I was kidding with the late reply:P but thanks

Hi @Jeff_Speer

I think it should actually be doable. I’ll tag @Pablito here, he played a lot with Forms.

But in short - it is possible to have a Form (Form activity package) that has a button and that you can click without closing the form. The execution then goes to a Do section of your form and that’s where you could invoke some Powershell (yet another thing @Pablito is good at :smiley:)

Actually, @loginerror described it perfectly. All you need to do is to add additional property to the button so it will not close your form but perform what is in Do section.

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