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So I have a question in regards to the following part: ToString("%d\d\ " + "%h\h\ " + "%m\m\ " + "%s\s\ ") uipath, could someone please explain to me what the % is in this context and what the d\d\ is, I know its for date but why is it written like this d\d\ or h\h. thank you in advance for the help and explanation.

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Hey @Sidney_Vogel

I hope this will return the values in format like this as an example 21d 3h

Hope that helps.


Hello @Sidney_Vogel

It will help you to get the dateformat as below.

here \d, \h,\m,s used to append the alphabets. for eg: 5d

%d- helps to get the day
%h helps to get the hour


Hi @Sidney_Vogel,

The following example comparisons will help you make inferences.


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Thank you for the info, however this table does not show the usage of %d\d\ or %h\h, and I am trying to understand what the % is or does or what is it used for in this context

Here is a detailed explanation for each.I hope that will be useful. @Sidney_Vogel

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Thank you so much for this information @muhammedyuzuak I appreciate it this helped.

Thank you for the information @Rahul_Unnikrishnan this is helpful

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