Custom Application Scopes?

Hi guys,

Does anyone know if it is possible to create a custom Application Scope as ‘Excel Application Scope’?

I’m developing some activities to operate with Access and I want to create a sort of ‘Access Application Scope’ to manage initialization and memory cleaning.

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Adrian Vilaseco

Yes of course buddy
its possible, scope is a container that can hold all its subsidiary activities within it,
So while developing custom activity make sure that this scope can be used to take its sub ordinal activities and in vice versa as well
I haven’t tried it before but we have such activities currently in our community feeds, so i think its possible…
Cheers @Adrian_Vilaseco

Thanks mate! :wink:

I’ve been reviewing MS documentation but I don’t find the proper specification.
I think could be this:

But to be fair, I’d like to see an example.

Let’s see if someone knows or has a template.


yes…eager at
lets see
Cheers @Adrian_Vilaseco

I think I found it!

A template can be found here! :3


See also our documentation piece here:

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