Custom Activity - turn off or control expanded view

I have a custom activity that we’ve been using for a long time and it always looked like this:


Today, I opened the code for the activity in Studio, added an argument (property), published it, then added the custom activity to a test project. Now it shows like this:


I do not want any properties to show directly on the activity like that, and DEFINITELY don’t want THAT ONE (the new one I just added) to show directly on the activity.

How do I control this? Turn it off?

After making some additional adjustments to the activity (setting arguments/properties to required) it’s now showing more right in the body of the activity.

So apparently it shows the required properties. I guess this is OK but I would prefer to be able to have more explicit control over which ones are displayed.


Modifying the activity view is quite easy, and we have a lot of freedom in doing this. Just take a look at this example - I’ve added custom group boxes, labels, and even a control with a wizard for selecting files:
Open your custom activity solution, navigate to the .Activities.Design project, and locate the Designers folder. There, you should find a file named YourActivityName.xaml. This file contains the code responsible for the activity view. If you don’t want to have any property and expand control, simply remove the part containing ‘uip:ActivityDecoratorControl’:

I’m creating the custom activity in UiPath Studio, not Visual Studio.

Ok, Sorry for the misunderstanding

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