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Complete Newbie, i have a problem for Currentrow properties - I need to copy/paste range Source cell B1 to destination B1. I do not want to do a datatable as i do not need to add row or create variables.

I simply wanted a source path location. I tried source:
Currentrow.index or
currentrow.index(1) or

All 3 above doesn’t work and gives error messages. Can assist to advise what is the correct workable source path for the above? as i am looping and do not want to do a dataTable. Thanks!




Say you want to copy from sheet1 to sheet2 each column in the loop then use as below…you can copy whole row as well


Sheetname is the difference between source and destination

Hope this helps


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Hi Anil, i tried yesterday and worked. Today when I tried, it gives error for the following


Error msg: option strict on disallows implicit conversation from UiPath.excel.rangevalue to

Are you able to advise resolution?

Is it advisable to switch off option strict?


Can you show that error…we cant switch it off…but it shpuld not show this



Your expression is wrong…please use the exact expression…you are usinng a wrong one…what you pasted in your comment and what you used in acreenshot is different…you used only address…this need to be enclosed in the remaining expression


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