CSV file merge issue

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I am having 5 csv file. I want it to merge to one file but not in the same sheet. 5 csv files in to one in 5 different sheets. Can you please help me out on this


Read 5 CSV files and save in different data tables , then use write CSV and change the sheet names to write different data tables into different sheets

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Issue is that I f i use write range CSV each file is just replacing Can you please share sample. I want combine all 5 CSV files in different sheets of one CSV file


CSV files are meant to be one sheet only. If you want multiple sheets use Excel files.

How to convert csv file in to excel file. I am getting if i use move activity source will be in csv and destination i making it to excel

Please see https://docs.uipath.com/activities/lang-en/docs/write-range .

I am not getting the csv to excel file activity can you please tell me what activity should i use for converting it

You don’t have to turn the csv’s into excel files. You can simply read from the csv’s using Read Range, and then output the values into an excel file.

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