CRON expression for first and last working day of every month. help!

Hi Everyone,

I have to schedule a process every first and last working day of every month [process run time is not fixed yet] and the working days are Sunday to Thursday. It should also able to handle the leap year.

Please help me to create CRON expression for above given condition.

Thanks in advance

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You can schedule as below

First Working Day of Every Month
0 0 0 1W*?*

Last Working Day of Every month
0 0 0 LW * ? *

Make sure that enable non working days in orchestrator

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Thanks a lot @Srini84 :slightly_smiling_face:

One last doubt. What if the same expression has to be ran only on weekends, in my case friday and saturday

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You can try as below

0 0 0 ? * FRI,SAT *



Sorry @Srini84 I should have been more clear. first and last weekend (Friday & Saturday) of every month

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