Cron Expression: Every 15 Minutes, Between 08:00-20:00 Daily

The title is quite self explanatory, I’ve finally finished my bot and just need to set the trigger… it looks a little complicated!

Will I even need cron for this?

Thank you


0 0/15 8-20 ? * * *

For clarity to your your Description “Daily Every 15 minutes between 8AM and 8PM”

Your proposed solution of 0 0/15 8-20 ? * * * would be Every 15 minutes, between 08:00 AM and 08:59 PM

To fall within the original ask, you should drop the max hour down from 20 to 19 so it would be 0 */15 8-19 ? * * which is Every 15 minutes, between 08:00 AM and 07:59 PM

Otherwise you will get 4 more jobs than you might have expected each day.

Following CRON editor may be helpful in the future:

You are correct, I must have missed that; I used an expression editor aha.

Appreciate your help.

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