Creating the new folder if not available in aws cloud

Hello community!

In this automation iam using Attach browser and a path exist to identify if folder exist or not in Aws…i want that whenever a new month will come,Let’s say today is 1st october so every month bot should create a new folder in aws there is a option to create a folder in aws…i have used attach browser inside that i have used path exist and“MMM-yyyy”)
And a if conditon

But it is not working it is showing false only for every month.

Hi @Priyesh_Shetty

Check there is a “/” included in folder name. Try including the “/” after the folder name


Iam adding this / but then too it is showing no folder for testing purpose i have writtend


You need to give like this:

Attach Browser (to AWS S3)
currentMonthYear = DateTime.Now.ToString("MMM-yyyy")
Path Exists (folderPath = "AWS bucket path" + currentMonthYear)


You mean i should create a variable in Attach browser and i should pass the attach browser and current month variable in path exist?


You can create a variable to store the current month, and then use that variable in the “Path Exists” activity within the Attach Browser scope to check for the existence of a folder with the current month’s name in AWS S3.

Ex: "s3://mybucket/" + currentMonthYear

@supriya117 your method doesnt worked