Creating new excel workbook


My robot is going to work through 2500 lines in excel and based on different If statement either control invoices or build a new excel workbook with the rest for manual control.

What is the best way to creat the Excel workbook? all the If statement is in a For each row activity.

Hi @andnesper

If you can use SQL Server then would be best but excel workbook will too work in this case as 2500 lines is very less as comparatively…

Use all Workbook activities with If condition inside For Each Row… only allow sometime between creating new excel file else it will corrupt the file…

I can’t use SQL, the file I’m working with is a .xlsx file that I reads and generate into table.

Each row is then made into a variable that I control if meet certain criteria. Those wo don’t meet them are going to be put into a seperate list. It is possible to just create a new data table (DT) of the row that don’t meet the criteria and then convert the DT into .xlsx file?

Yes… that’s possible… please search on forum there is an article to create dt and add dt to existing DT as well…