Creating multiple processes with same package

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I wanted to know if there is a way to create multiple (in our case three) processes using the same package and package version.

We have a process which should run on different schedules, daily, weekly and monthly. Each schedule should be working on a different set of tasks, provided using the Input Values of the process.

In my opinion the easiest way to do this is creating three processes, “Process_Daily”, “Process_Weekly” and “Process_Monthly” with different Input Values as parameters but when I try this I get an error in orchestrator.

Of course I could publish the same code with three different names and thus create three packages but this would be thrice the work and much more error prone in maintenance.

Any suggestions?



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Please check this link for similar case

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What is the error message?

Make sure that Demo_Email is not already deployed on one of the robots from this environment (#1250)

If this is the error, you would need to create the process with another environment having a different robot in the environment than the first one. I imagine it is to protect against version conflicts on the same host.

Make sure that Demo_Email is not already deployed on one of the robots from this environment (#1250)

Yeah thats the message, sorry should have inclouded it right away.

Unfortuantly we have only two unattanded robots at the moment and thus can’t use a differenet one for each process.

I can see the point in preventing different version on the same robot but i only want to use different input parameters with the same version.

But you just gave me the right impulse to reconsider my problem:
I don’t really need several processes. I totally missed the fact that I can specifiy the input parameters not only at the process but also at the schedule. And that is really all I need.

I can create a single process and then creating three different schedules using this process. And for each schedule I can specifiy a different Input Parameter overwriting the one from the process.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Indeed, we do this for a few of our processes for Loading, Processing, or run both.

Hi sarathi,

thanks for the input. I don’t really want to create different packages but different processes. Or that’s what I first thought.
What I really needed was one package, one process and different schedules with different input parameteres for each one. Fortunatly that is possible. :slight_smile:

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