How to run multiple projects using one Robot?

Hi, I am new to UI Path and currently in the process of completing L2-Orchestrator training. The robots and the machines are set and I am able to publish and run the Jobs successfully. My query is, when we publish a project in UI Path, only the project identified as ‘Main’ is published. Could you please let me know if there is a way to configure multiple projects and publish them? And later create Processes in Orchestrator so each project can be run one after another? This is mainly to understand how to automate a project with, lets say 25 test scripts. Please help. Thanks!

When you publish your package it take all scripts under Main and created one package.
One robot can run only one process at time on one machine,so you should run sequentially.
If you want to run multiple process simultaneously you need multiple robots.

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The entire project as built in Studio gets published to Orchestrator as a package. Then you create the process in Orchestrator from the package. The first time a particular version of a process is run on a robot the package (entire project directory as it existed in studio/window explorer when it was published) will be copied from Orchestrator to the machine the robot is running on. The only workflow (xaml) that is triggered by the process is the one set as “Main” (doesn’t have to be named main) but the main workflow can invoke any or all of the other workflows in the project to run one after the other (or any order as needed).

To configure different processes and publish them as separate processes to Orchestrator you would create separate projects in Studio and publish them each separately. Through the use of the Orchestrator API you could configure one of these stand alone processes to act as the trigger for a second but this gets more complex than having them exist together in the same project/process.

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Thanks @Sandeep_3. This helps.

Thanks @Tyler_Williams, for the detailed explanation. Just for my practice I created separate projects and added them one after another as a sequence under the ‘Main’ project. Works fine. Need to try one process acting as a trigger to another and see how that works.