Creating Folders in Outlook

Hello. Does anyone know how to check for folder and create folders in Outlook? I tried this but it didn’t work. I wanted to put a rule that if the folder did not exist, then to create one. Thanks.


To check if a folder exists, you have to use the “Folder Exists” action:
The “Folder path” is the folder to check. “Save result” is where you want to keep the result, its value is a boolean (i.e true or false).

Then, you can use a “If” with the saved result from the “Folder Exists” to execute a “Create Folder” or not.

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Hello Tiffany. Thanks for your response! My problem is I’m not sure how to choose my Outlook folder path. Should I be choosing the “Selected Account” because it didn’t work for me. If you don’t mind, can you see if that works for you?

I also tried just creating a folder and that didn’t work either.


Hi @Yannie @Tiffany_SU - please be aware that the “Folder Exists” and “Create Folder” activities are only used with the file system and are not working in the Outlook context.

At the moment there is only an activity directly availalbe for Office365 -
or a component on GO! ->

@studioX -> Is this functionality planned or already in StudioX and I’m missing it?

using like this you will just create a folder on the disk inside the project folder using that name.
at this point you can’t create a folder in the outlook with the StudioX

Thank you @FrankSchikora.

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