Creating Customized User input interface

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I need to create a small input form which will contain some input fields, and some buttons. I want to link some workflows and sequences to these buttons. When I will click a button the respective task will be invoked.
Could somebody please suggest How to create this type of interface in UIpath?

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Prasanta K Lenka.

Please see .

Hi @PrasantaLenka,

You can use Form Designer Activity to do that.
Here is the Link for Form Designer activities.
Forms Activities - Now in Public Preview!

It also has a Youtube tutorial as well.



Hi @anmolk171,
Thank you so much for your help. That really helped a lot.
Additionally could you please suggest how can I bind another workflow to this form button i.e when the button will be clicked the workflow will be invoked.

and also How can print all the records of a datatable into the form?


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Hi @PrasantaLenka,

You can do multiple things you can set a boolean with each button and based on that certain workflow will be invoked let’s say we have clicked on a button which set boolean Var1, Now if Var1 is True then flow A will run(This is just an example you can do much more than that).

For printing the datatable go through these thread.

Hope it will help you.

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