Creating Custom Rules with Workflow Analyzer

Hello everyone, today I was reviewing the topic of creating client rules in my own projects and I saw a video where they explained the good practices to take into account to create these rules, this is the video.
UiPath DevCon 2021: Creating Custom Rules with Workflow Analyzer - YouTube

I’m trying to locate where the package they talk about in the video is (minute 26:30) so I can download it and implement it in my projects. To tell the truth, I am interested in the rules that standardize the naming of variables.

If someone can tell me where to download this package or if they can help me with the code for creating the variable name standardization rule, I would really appreciate it.

Hi @Juan_Esteban_Valencia

Go to workflow analyser setting and follow this document

Thank you very much, but what I am looking for is to control the name of the variable according to its type, that is, if I have a string type variable, the name of the variable must start as StrName

For that you need to create workflow to check the variable name according to the type and publish it as package and then upload those package in all project you need through manage packages.Creating Activities With Code
Building Workflow Analyzer Rules.