Create yearly report in Excel


I have a project extracting monthly data from SAP. The data is written in an Excel workbook. The report I need is generated within the same workbook by using Power Query. The report is than uploaded in a webpage. So the Excel workbook contains each time the data and report of the last month.

I would like to fill out the monthly results in a (yearly) overview. How can I do this ?

Thanks in advance !

Hello @tania.hertens

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It will be better if you can share some screenshots of the requirement.
Also are you stuck with some stage or you are looking for the entire solution?


Hello Rahul,

I need the entire solution. I’ve made a small template to show the problem : the cost & revenue sheet will get updated every month. In the overview table, the new data needs to be added in the according month.

Thanks for your help!
Yearly overview - example.xlsx (15.3 KB)