Create Outlook Calendar Entry using REST API

Has anyone created an Outlook Calendar Entry using the REST API ( [DEPRECATED] Outlook Calendar REST API reference (version 2.0) | Microsoft Learn ) within UiPath?
If so, does anyone have an example XAML file they would be willing to share?

I appreciate that I could automate the Outlook UI to achieve this, but feel it would be quicker to interact via an API based on the potential volume of transactions that will be passing through the automation.


For accessing the API of Outlook, first of all you need to register your own application in the Microsoft Azure and then you will get the authentication token and client secret ID. Then using those two, You need to send a request to the URL Sign in to your account so you will get the Authentication token. Once all these are done, then

for every request you want to send in the below link, you need to pass the authentication token to the request

You have everything in the link itself, try giving the same :slight_smile: and if you have any doubts please post. Happy to help @andrewjames

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@HareeshMR & @andrewjames, I am will be suggesting team to use these API with RPA tools. For every RPA tool and every account, I will have to register each server as an application?