Create excel file with relevant data

Hi Guys, @lakshman @ppr Need assist in excel.

  1. Create excel file based on animal column

  2. Skip same name

  3. output should be file name dog.xlsx
    same steps for create all files with relevant column like output screen shoot

  4. If I will run bot to next day then bot will add data with existing data and so on… like
    2nd day output
    here B3 should be dog not dog1

  5. If input file have new name under animal column then bot will create xlsx file with new name and add relevant data.

Please help me out.
Thank you.
Note: I am able to create .xlsx files but not able to write relevant data.

Hi @Jesmine !
Would you mind attaching your excel file with at least 2 different dates ?
Also, here are a few questions:

  • do you confirm that you need to create an excel file only for the first occurence of the animal type ?
  • in your 4th screenshot, on B3 should it have been Dog and not Dog1 ?

is your requirement following:

  • Group the data on Animal Col value
  • Add a group member counter on the values from the cols Animal, Owner… But not on Date
  • write each group into a seperate Excel

Hi @Jesmine
Here is a suggestion: Dog.xaml (11.9 KB)
The workflow does not take into account double values: if you rerun the same file twice, it will write twice the values in the output files. If you want to not write twice, let us know so we add more conditions !