Create different excel files using data present in master excel file

Hi all,
I have an excel file that contains the manager’s name. I want to create different excel file for each manager with respective managers name in the file name. That file should contain only that manager’s data.
for e.g. below is the excel file.

Here I want to create a different excel file for each manager like “Manager1.xlsx”, “Manager2.xlsx”, “Manager3.xlsx” etc. Each excel file should only contain that manager’s data. e.g. Manager1.xlsx will contain rows specific to Manager1 and Manager2.xlsx will contain rows specific to Manager2.


Use Read Range For Master Say : DT1
Assign DT2=DT1.DefaultView.ToTable(True,“ManagerName”)
For Each Row For DT2
Then Use Filter Datatable
Input DT1 output MN
Keep Rows
“ManagerName” Contains Row(0).Tostring
Write Range
Name of excel will be
Datatable will be MN

@sandyk Can you Check this Workflow : (2.4 KB)

Execute the Workflow. The Output folder will have the generated Excel files.

I have used your Sample Data in a Build Datatable. You can replace it with your Data using a Read Range Activity.

Hi. I didn’t got ““ManagerName” Contains Row(0).Tostring” this part. Do I need to take “if” and add this condition in it?

In filter Datatatble activity u will find


Ahh! sorry, my bad. I missed it. Thanks a lot bro. It’s working fine. Marking it as a solution.

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Thanks bro!

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Great !
Thanks and Happy Automation

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