Create and naming folders based on excel rows

Hi All,

I have two columns in my excel: “ID” & “Name”, I have few rows for these columns.
I wan to make separate folders based on these rows in excel.
Example: Folder name would be like : ID1_NAME1,ID2_NAME2,ID3_NAME3… so on.
Please can someone help me with the steps?

As of now I have created this (refer below image):

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you can use activity “Create Directory” for this purpose

I can see “create folder” instead of “create directory”

The code I wrote is: “Yourfolderpath\”+dt.Columns(“yourcolumnname”).Columnname.Tostring

its running successfully but it doesn’t create folders.


You can use create folder activity.


Thanks Shashi, I get it.

But I am not able to make folders when I run the program

Can you please try this “Yourfolderpath\”+row(“ID”).ToString+row(“Name”).ToString inside for each row activity.


Fantastic!!! it worked.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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