Create a proj ect in JIRA with the Kanban view option

Hi, can anyone help me how to solve this

Create a proj ect in JIRA with the Kanban view option.

In the board there will be there Lists

To do

In Progress


Each task that is created in Todo will be having a title and the description.

The title will be of specific format. NEWFOLLOWER_<TWITTER_USERNAME>

Ex. NEWFOLLOWER_zathvarun

Task of the bot:

The bot should keep listening to the To do list and look for new issues/tasks.

When identified a new task,it should open it and extract the information and move

the task to in progress.

With the extracted username it should go to the twitter website and enter the username name and get the profile information.

Take a screenshot of the profile page and attach it to the JIRA tasks and comment the profile information like tweets count, followers count and following count in the same task.

Finally move the task to done.

  1. Important :Cannot use Twitter or JIRA APls