Create a new CSV file with the differences between two tables

Hi I am in dire need of support to figure out what is happening with my file.

In a nutshell, I’m comparing two csv files and I can’t get the bot to compare whether or not there are duplicates. I’ve attached my files and bot. ANY help is welcomed!

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I do assume that the csv are already in a datatable and for the duplate deteection all columns are to check.
So have a look here:

If only a little no of cols are to check if it makes a duplicate then let me know and I can share some other demo with you

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Also, for whatever reason I can’t upload my documents with my information :disappointed_relieved:

@Maria_Cabrera Since this is your first post you will not be able to upload any files in here :sweat_smile: , But as the communication and the interaction increases you will have access to upload files.

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You can upload your required files to google drive and paste your link

Hope this helps


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Quick consult for you @ksrinu070184 & @supermanPunch I have a excel xlsx file (reference table) and I want my bot to compare the reference table to the data it just webscrapped off a site. Do you have any examples of that being possible?

@Maria_Cabrera Since the table can already be datascraped from the website, you can get it as a Datatable, and the data from the Reference Excel can also be Read as a Datatable using a Read Range Activity. Since both the input data are in the Form of a Datatable, you can use @ppr 's suggested post to get the output you need. If that post isn’t helping you entirely then i suggest you describe your problem in a bit more detail.

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