Creat Xml node in UiPath Studio using LoadXml function

hi guys,

I’m trying creat a xNa in type System.Xml.XmlNode from a XElement (type System.Xml.Linq.XElement.
I’m following this tutorial

but in invoke code the LoadXml function doesn’t work. This is my code:
Can I use this function in UiPath?

this is the log

a few things to clear:

  • we do see a mix of two API the xml Api - XmlDocument
  • LINQ for XML - Element

to list the Sets:

  • XmlDocument & XMLNode & XMLElement
  • XDocument & XNode & XElement

Just to mention one of some more things which are not matching.

We guess you are doing this for learning purpose. Let us know on what topic you are focussing and we will assist

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thank you @ppr, noted your mention.
but my idea is switch a string to a xmldocument by XmlDocument.LoadXml method, not Load method.
btw, thank you

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