Counter = counter + 1 not working in do while loop

i have this sequence:

where everytime it loops i want to add “1” to my counter

when i have tried this in different do while is works for some reason.

But when i try in this loop all i get for the output is 1 every iteration

Hi @Rowley101

Does seams to be correct,are you getting 100 lines of 1.


i have let it run through for 2 mins and this is what i get

all i am trying to do is get the number of queue items in a queue

Can you share the screenshot where you have initialised the Value of Counter outside the dowhile loop

i haven’t initialized it.
its only in the variables pannel

can you put default value as 0 and then try it once


Check below for your reference

Try as tmpQueueItems.Count <> 100

Hope this may help you


yes that works. strange that i havent had to do that when i have done it before

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