Count Same transaction item

Hello guys i have an excel with column and data


Here i want to calculate same data ie,

P-100-7101-2020-3 = 2
P-100-7101-2022-100 = 1
P-100-7101-2022-245 = 3
i need the value to enter it in a field. (Using RE Framework for this process)

does anyone have the idea


Take I look here

I want to call the total number while processing each transaction data, means

if iam processing " P-100-7101-2020-3" it should return 2.

Can we do like that


Can you help me out on this

WE can doit by grouping the Data and counting the group members

As already presented

dtData = your Origin DataTable Variable
YourKey = we assume "Policy Reference"

Otherwise it is a filter case or we can filter the prepared GroupBy Count Result


in the proces.xaml i hope you are getting the Policy Reference

dt.AsEnumerable.Where(function(x) x("Policy Reference").ToString.Equals(TransactionItem("Policy Reference").ToString)).Count


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