Count number of files with variable


I am new to building BOTs.
I am trying to find the number of files - PDF, with similar number in the name.
STRORDERNUM - is a string which i defulat to 36 for my testing however this variable flows from different flows

My Variable
FILENUM = Directory.GetFiles(“--------DATA\06. PNT - Plant\01 Planning\14. Work Order Generator\Work Orders"+”_“+strOrderNum+”.pdf").length

so if strordernum = 20
file names like

However everytime i run i get illegal character message

From the example file names you provided; the file name pattern is *_orderNumber_*.pdf


Dim OrderNumber = 20
Dim NumberOfFiles = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles("C:\users\abc\Desktop\reports\", "*_" & OrderNumber & "_*.pdf").Length


var OrderNumber = 20;
var NumberOfFiles = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(@"C:\users\abc\Desktop\reports\", "*_" + OrderNumber + "_*.pdf").Length;

In C# code note the @ symbol to escape the \ character. If you are not using @, you need to use double slash (\\) instead of single slash (\).

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Thank you KannanSuresh,
have managed to find number of files by C#, appreciate your prompt reply.
Can you please suggest - I am trying to merge PDFs, where

2 = strordernum, for this i have used below which i think gives me an error, can you suggest

Filelist - {“M:-----------\14. Work Order Generator\Work Orders",”“+strOrderNum+”.pdf",“M:\M487----------------t\01 Planning\14. Work Order Generator\Work Orders",”“+strOrderNum+”.pdf"}

I am trying to attach files like below

New File - 2_C

System.IO.Directory.GetFiles will give you a string array of the files that match the criteria. Find file names using that instead of concatenating string.

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Dear Kanan,

Thanks for your help, one hurdle cross. however my situation is to get files from two different folder where they contain the same name which STRORDER. SO the name in two folders is always
Folder 1
Folder 2
Bot should merge them and store at a different location the name would be

For this i am trying to get all files from directory merge options and using below
I am first trying to get directories however it is a failed attempt
image“M:\XYZ\DATA\06. PNT - Plant\01 Planning\14. Work Order Generator\Work Orders\AllCombinedAttachments",“M:\XYZ\DATA\06. PNT - Plant\01 Planning\14. Work Order Generator\XYZ 3.5.21"”“+STREOrderNum+”.pdf”,SearchOption.AllDirectories)

This is accepted, however running this shows illegal characters?
Would you have any idea how to acheive merging PDF with almost similar names from two different folders?

@Saurabh_Grover - You would like to merge two pdfs from different folder with the name of B_STRORDER_134 right??

If yes then please try like this in the Join PDF File activity

FileList =   directory.Getfiles(YourFolder1,"*.pdf").Concat(Directory.GetFiles(YourFolder2,"*.pdf")).ToArray

Output File Name  = "B_STRORDER_134.pdf"

Hope this helps…

Note: Instead of *.pdf , you can adjust it to your requirement

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Thank you prasath, this happens to get me the files from different location. I accept this as a solution. As I am learning more of such strings, is there a document or a library you can direct me to if i am stuck on such equations and want to learn further. - thanks

I do lot of search in the forum in the beginning when I started learning UiPath, And when I see a new/good formula I will bookmark that solution and also copy the formula to my personal sheet and immediately I create a practice exercise to execute this. This helped me a lot.

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