Count Dictionary Activity

Scenario: How to use Count Dictionary Activity

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Hey @Gajanans22

CountDictionary<TKey, TValue>

An activity to count the number of items in a Dictionary.

For your Reference and Understanding: count_dictionary.xaml (6.2 KB)


i am getting above error for your count_dictionary.xaml script.

I have loaded all available packages but still i am getting this error message.
Could you please advice what package you have used to create this script.
Thanks in advance.

For the activities in the above xaml, you need to install Workflow Manager Activities. If you’ve already install it, try to restart Studio and open the xaml again.

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I could not able to find this package in my CE.

well this is because i am using Lates uIpath studio version and packages. and those activities which i am using are not backward compatible with your version.If any update available in your package manager then updates all packages then try it otherwise you have to use latest version to see that .XAML ot follow below screenshot steps in your studio :slight_smile:


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There are 2 pages of packages. I also have CE

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Thanks for your support…