Couldn't find any unattended robot in the specified folder. (#1671)


I made a package and can run it on the station via the Assistant. Using Studio 20.8 and no errors in debugging. Now I get the error message: “Couldn’t find any unattended robot in the specified folder. (#1671)” when I want to run it from Orchestrator.
Someone got an idea?


Hi @mvlielander

Does this help? :slight_smile:

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Hi @loginerror,

It is a confirmation of the problem I have. Thing is I get stuck in the process of setting up an unattended robot and not be able to assign it to the folder. See the attached screendumps. Hope this will give some background of how my orchestrator look like now.


In modern folders you should go to Edit User and create an unattended robot for it.


@badita: thanks, that’s it! I didn’t switch the blue ‘Automatically’ button. Now I can create an unattended robot

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