Create several processes and execute them with unattended bot on other machine

Hello, I am trying to create 6 processes in Studio, then deploy them to Orchestrator and then execute them on other machine by unattended robot and schedule them to run at specific date and time. I created unattended robot for the user, but when I try to run the process I am getting the 1671 error msg (couldn’t find unattended robot …)

Is it possible at all to do that at all? Should users must be in one domain? I am using the community edition and I have 1 unattended robot in the license and I think that it’s possible, but I don’t know where am I going wrong.

I invited the other user to the Shared (Modern) folder. The process is created in that folder also, but still he cant run it with attended or unattended robot


Check below for your reference

Hope this helps you


Thanks for your answer, but it doesn’t help me. I read that thread and his problem is that he didn’t create unattended robot for the user , but I did and I still get the error.

Is it necessary for the user to install just ROBOT so that he can run the processes on his machine or he can be logging to Orchestrator and run them from there just by the permission that I gave him through the Modern folder?


Robot has to install in some machine to run the processes

Is Robot is created?


The user has Studio installed, but I have to unistall it and install just Robot to try. But what about the other option with Orchestrator, is it possible?


If he installed studio, Is he able to connect to Orchestrator?


yes, when I invited him to the Shared(modern) folder, he connected and saw the process, but when he tried to run it he got the mentioned error.

I found the solution 🙂 There was a problem with the machine and user settings. I tried different scenarios and when the 2 users had attended and unattended robots created and connected to the same machine it didn;t work so only 1 robot should be actively connected to it and be used as attended or not

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