Could not load file or assembly uipath.platform

I have downloaded new version of Uipath studio-community edition
I am getting below error(see img)
chrome error

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can anyone pls help

@UiPathMaster @Palaniyappan
Pls help

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failed to load or assembly:

@lakshman @loginerror @aksh1yadav


I guess file was not downloaded properly. Could you please download it again and then check it.

Hi @KarthikBallary

Does this error happen when you start the installer, when you try to open a new project or when you try to run a project?

Yah if it’s like when opening a existing project with a new studio version make sure that all project dependencies are installed
Or is it like occurring when opening studio

Cheers @KarthikBallary

Hi all

Thanks for ur response…I have installed word activities and it got resolved…however I haven’t checked completely…as of now I will close this topic.

Thanks Everyone


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