Could not load file or assembly 'UiPath.Excel.Activities

Unable to run the excel activity …getting below error

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly ‘UiPath.Excel.Activities, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’. The system cannot find the file specified.


Can you check if the .nuget folder contains the excel activities package in it…

%USERPROFILE%. nuget\Packages

And please try deleting/renaming project.json and reopen the project and try


Already tried- No go


Did you check the .nuget folder are the required packages present?


It was working before and suddenly stopped working…i have recently opened the project in different pc then the issue started


The issue is that the excel package is not found…I believe its missing from the .nuget folder…if that is true then you can try copying the files from the old system to the new one

Or turn off your firewall and then open manage packages uninstall excel activities and save and then re install them


Hi @Sathish_Kumar_S

Your Project dependencies are created ,I think you have to paste the file path once again, ithink your old project folder contains the file path but here you have mentioned you are working with another PC instead of your old one.
So please check your input file is presented in the new PC or Not ,
i think that error means input file path is missed.


I found the issue and able to fix it

I have provided the incorrect value in " in what table or range" field and after i have provided the correct value the issue got fixed


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