Could not load file or assembly System.Text.Json Version= or one of its dependencies

Hi Guys, I have developed a library that make use of below packages but when I publish my library local/custom I get above error. In my workflow when i remove Office365 Scope and all its activities, the library publish successful. Kindly assist if you have idea what the issue is.

Below is the part when removed, I’m able to publish successful.


After eliminating all libraries and checking one by one, I came to find out the issue is with Office365 library. I’m still troubleshooting for a solution.

Hi Wilbard,

I stumbled upon the same issue.
Have you found a workaround?


Hi @Lucas_Ferraz I have not found solution yet.

Hi @wilbardmtei ,

I was able to make it work by testing different versions of the Microsoft Office 365 package.
Version 1.12.1-preview worked just fine!


Thanks @Lucas_Ferraz

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