Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Workflow.Common'

Due to some issue, downgraded from version 2018.2.2 to version 2018.1.4.
After that, when I open the previous work, I wanted to edit an activity created before, Build Dictionary.
But when choose the activity and click Values, this error came to me.

Installed packages I think related to Microsoft already.
And tried to insert Microsoft.Workflow.Common to Import Namespace, but it’s not there (sorry, no knowledge of this).

It doesn’t happen to the previous work only, when I try to make new file and drag a new Build Dictionary and click the Values, it gives the same result. I guess the dictionary’s some setting is missing.

Anyone could kindly suggest what could possibly went wrong?

For the while, this is resolved.
I dont’t know why after weekend without more restart or enything else, the dictionary started working. Leave this open just in case there’s someone who might explain this.