Correct use of Logs Messages in functional projects

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I am currently developing a functional project for a company, and when I am doing tests I realize that the Logs Messages have been very useful for me, but the following question arises: Is it correct to put a Log Message in each Activity to know where it is located? I got an error or is there another easier and more useful way?

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I don’t prefer to have it at every step. Instead at each logical step of the process & at places where dynamic data is involved.

Also for each activity once it is properly named which will help a lot in error logging & identification of the issue source.

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Please check this


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We can know which activity name, display name, workflow file name etc using expressions in the following post, even if not debug mode. These can be used for exception which is occurred in invoked workflow file.

So, I don’t think we need to put LogMessage activity every step.


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