Copy Sheet Activity Gives "Document not saved" Error

I have an activity where I copy a template file, then copy a sheet from another excel file to the copied template file. Unfortunately, it gives moe this ‘Document not saved’ error. Anyone knows what casues the issue?

did you try first closing the workbook before use the copy sheet activity?


Hi @Shinjid
as the documnetation says

kindly refer below thread

you can try with BalaReva activities once


I’m pretty sure they use office 365.

so Just try out with Bala Reva activities


I don’t, I input the workbork app and use it for “Use Existing Workbook” Like this

I’ll try. Thanks.

try closing the wb with the close workbook activity. Create a new variable in the ouput section of the properties, and in Workbook propertie create a new variable, then pass it to the close workbook activity, then use the copy sheet activity again

Sorry I don’t get it. Do you mean I need to:

  1. Input Existing WorkBook Var
    2.Copy to Existing WorkBook Var
  2. Close Input Existing WorkBook Var
  3. Copy Sheets.
  4. Output Copied Exisitng WorkBookVar