Copy powerpoint all slide to NEW powerpoint

How to copy all the pages in a slide to another slide

i need help


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We can try with simple COPY FILE activity

Cheers @MHsieh

Thank you very much.
Sorry for bad expression.
Not copied into another new file.

I’m asking a question because I need to copy the entire slide to the bottom of another slide to make it easier for viewers to read.

The number of slides is a random number,
Because I can only copy the specified page here, an error will occur when there is no page


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In that case try with this activity

Make sure that this package is installed in your project
For that go to Manage Packages and search for UiPath.Presentations.Activities in all and install it

Cheers @MHsieh

yes. sorry I Go on holiday

  • Number - Enter the slide number.
    The internal pages of the Microsoft Slideshow software are random numbers,

I didn’t learn procedural language and I don’t know how to use random numbers

Because I don’t know how to read the random number, I go online for help


give a try on treating number as similar as position within the slide deck.

Open the file in PowerPoint with Start Process. Send CTRL+A then CTRL+C.

Close the file.

Open the second file in PowerPoint, send CTRL+END to get to the end of the file (I think this works in PowerPoint).


Remember, one of the main points of RPA is that it can do things the same way a human would. If a human were doing this, they’d open the first file, select everything, then copy and paste into the other file.