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How to copy pdf file from one location(default for my web application) to other location(desktop)
Appreciate your suggestions


You can use Copy File activity to copy file from one location to other. And also if you want to move it you can use Move File activity.

Hi @lakshman I used Copy File and mentioned from path and destination path (Folder)
it is throwing error Target file is a directory not a file.

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In the destination, just specify folder path where you want to copy the file but don’t specify filename.



Sorry it’s my bad. Specify the filename also along with folder path.

Usually when we are using COPY FILE activity we need to mention the file path in the Destination property
Even the error depicts the same

Cheers @Divyatirunagari

I cannot create destination file name for pdf, so I created folder in UIpath folder in my system.
“C:\Users\divya\Documents\UiPath\pdf to”
Its Working!!

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